Counter Culture Dictionaries

Urban, Hip Hop, rap, rave, inner city, revolutionary and counter-revolutionary movements generate messages with coded, cryptic language to signify community, identity, and solidarity among members, or want to be members. Pre-Internet, the languages were almost always outside the standard media, adopted only as the movements became of interest to the media, and/or members of the main culture. With the Internet and web blogging, dictionaries of all kinds are available.

Web “dictionaries” or blogs that purport to revealing counter-culture language and life styles, though, have a daunting challenge: counter-culture, by definition, aims to exist outside of the mainstream, to remain unacknowledged except among select members. Documenting the language of a counter-culture immediately forces the members to change or shift to other ways to express themselves.

Also, many of the dictionaries are either based on stereotypical associations with imagined counter cultures or fail to acknowledge the fluidity in generational, gender-oriented, regional and socio-economic changes/shifts in language and life style.

The list below is, at this moment, a compilation of what I have found on the web, not a list of recommended sources. I hope to make recommendations as I examine the sources and evaluate their accuracy, attitude toward the subject, and purpose for publication.

The Urban Bible – found this from reference by a student.

Urban Dictionary – been using this since 2010 maybe earlier


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