Sunday 09-29-13

Looking forward to a ride.  There’s grass to cut, composed to bury, and trees to tend.

Yard is looking fine.

2340 Seneca (Spring)

Today would be a good day to cut it and give it fall fertilizer. Cold weather stepped into southern Nevada last week. It’s time to ready the lawn for winter.

The trees need more water or the cold has turned the bottom leaves slightly yellow. I fertilized the trees in April and May, so it’s time to fertilize the trees for winter as well.

For the ride later today, optimum tire pressure is a major question. Owner’s manual says rear tire gets 35-40 pounds of pressure depending on the number of passengers; front tire gets 30 pounds. When I returned from Henderson HD, I checked the pressures and front was 41 psi and rear was 45 psi.  The front is a Dunlop D404L, rear is D401.

Got the low down form Harley-Davidson web site specs: Front is D402F/MH90-21 and HD publishes 30 psi for it.  Rear is D401/105/80B16, and HD publishes 40 psi for it. I will ride with more confidence this afternoon.

This morning I must get a draft copy of presentation for RCSD at AHG 2013-11-08 up on Prezi. Gotta go!


Friday 2013-09-27

I had to account for all my faults, failings, the projects left undone. Righteous due dates and multiple appointments filled the day, fixing this and finding more issues, a euphemism for the bugs and glitches that end productivity but keep me in a job.Picture 285 

Then I think about Barcelona and Copenhagen.  Twyla spoke about our Paris trip. Then she brought up a tragic story about a man falling into dementia, slowly losing his bearing and becoming paranoid.